Zoo-Med Big Dripper

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Zoo-Med Big Drippers are a great way to give your reptile a big slurp of drinking water in a manner they may feel more comfortable with that a water dish.

In the rainforest, your reptile might often choose not to drink from water on the rainforest floor, as it may be stagnant, filled with disease and may have predators lurking. Instead, smaller reptiles like geckos and Yemen chameleons often like to stay in their trees and drink from leaves after rainstorms, thus guaranteeing that the water is fresh and pure.

The Zoo Med Big Dripper simulates this, taking water from a reservoir and pumping up and over the natural looking leaves that make up the dripper - perfect for your reptile to take a drink from. The Big Dripper is an impressive one-gallon water drip system that also allows reptile to drink in their safety zone, way above the terrarium floor. allowing arboreal reptiles to access their water source as they would in nature and not from a water dish on the forest floor. Each Big Dripper comes with a carrying handle which you can use to suspend your dripper unit from the ceiling.

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