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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 products
Waxworms 15g pre-pack
Aqua Group Waxworms 15g pre-pack
Sale price£2.66
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Waxworms 15g (on egg-pack) pre-pack
Live Food Plant; Lambs Lettuce (10cm pot)
Live Food Plant; Selfheal (10cm pot)
Live Food. Prickly Pear Pads
Live Food Plant. Pink Hawk’s Beard (10cm pot)
Live Food Plant. Red Clover (10cm pot)
Live Food Plant; Broad Leaf Plantain (10cm pot)
Live Food Plant. Living Salad Mix (Tray)
Mini Speckled Woodlice Pre-pack
Calci-Worms Pre-Pack
Aqua Group Calci-Worms Pre-Pack
Sale priceFrom £2.99
Sold out
Curly-wing flies pre-pack
Aqua Group Curly-wing Flies pre-pack
Sale price£2.20
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Tropical Grey Woodlice pre-pack
Giant Orange Woodlice Pre-pack
Aqua Group Giant Orange Woodlice Pre-Pack
Sale price£3.79
Sold out
Flightless Golden Fruit Fly Culture
Flightless Fruitfly Flies
Aqua Group Flightless fruitfly Flies ONLY
Sale price£2.62
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Flightless Fruitfly (Drosophila) culture
Aqua Group Snails
Sale priceFrom £6.45
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Worms Small (Dendrobaena) Prepack 35
Worms Medium (Dendrobaena) pre-pack 15
Dubia Cockroaches Pre-Pack
Aqua Group Dubia Cockroaches Pre-Pack
Sale price£2.84
Sold out
Brown House Cricket Pre-pack. Mini
Mealworm Mini-Tub
Aqua Group Mealworm MINI-TUB
Sale price£2.20
Sold out
Locust Super-Pack
Aqua Group Locust Super Pack
Sale price£3.03
Sold out
Silent Crickets pre-pack
Aqua Group Silent Crickets pre-pack
Sale price£2.29
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Buffalo Worm pre-pack
Aqua Group Buffalo Worm pre-pack
Sale price£2.59
Sold out
Mealworm Pre-Pack
Aqua Group Mealworm Pre-Pack
Sale price£3.40
Sold out
Morio pre-pack
Aqua Group Morio pre-pack
Sale price£2.59
Sold out
Black Crickets pre-pack
Aqua Group Black Crickets pre-pack
Sale price£2.18
Sold out
Locust Pre-Pack
Aqua Group Locust Pre-Pack
Sale price£2.18
Sold out
Giant Lob Worms (Lumbricus) prepack 10

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