Zoo-Med Aquatic Turtle Food - Maintenance, 340g

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Zoo-Med's Aquatic Turtle Food Maintenance 340g is specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of adult aquatic turtles. This balanced and nutritious pellet food is designed to maintain the health and vitality of your turtles as they reach maturity.

The maintenance formula provides a balanced diet that is lower in protein and higher in essential nutrients, aligning with the reduced energy needs of adult turtles. It includes calcium to support shell strength and vitamins to promote overall health. The pellet size is tailored for adult turtles, making it easy for them to eat and digest.

Feeding your aquatic turtles with Zoo-Med's Maintenance Formula ensures they receive all the necessary nutrients to maintain their health and well-being. Regular feeding with this diet helps in keeping your turtles active and healthy, providing them with a stable and nutritious diet suited to their mature stage of life.

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