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Hard corals (SPS and LPS) consumed in growth ratio salts must be replenished in the aqueous medium. Seawater contains all the elements known on earth, some of them not necessary for the proper development of corals that we maintain in our aquariums. Corals in seawater reach almost constantly to these elements through water flowing around them but it is different in our aquariums because they are closed systems and also skimmers and filtration methods by resins which make it necessary to add these elements almost constantly.

Xepta Reef Balance Ca Part - 5L is a result of research of the condition of the various trace elements in seawater corals, innovative and pioneering within the marine aquarium systems. As a result of these studies we have obtained an all in one product, you will not need to use many different products like in other methods which can make a serious task for novices amateur users. It is a 100% balanced system which mainly consists of three components that are responsible for replacing salt consumed by corals (Ca, kH and MG) and trace elements necessary for proper growth, development and coloring. The peculiarity of this system is that to remain balanced does not affect the ionic balance of the aquarium, replacing in a balanced and proportionated manner not only Kh, Ca and Mg (which are the parameters that normally are controlled), but also provides all trace elements necessary and essential for the correct coloring and coral growth maintaining the balance of salts dissolved in our reef aquariums. Therefore, it is not a matter of rising system parameters Ca, Mg and Kh on demand, but respecting the proportions of these elements in the water in our aquariums as presented in the marine environment.

Being a balanced system means we must maintain a relation among the addition of the different components as follows, three portions of the Kh Part balance for one portion of Ca Part balance and one portion of Trace Part balance. This is essential for additives to function correctly. You can consult our guide where we have several examples.

XEPTA Reef Balance Ca Part  
Increases and maintains the correct level of calcium in the reef aquarium. Dissolve with caution as it reacts exothermically heat when in contact with water.

Content: Salts of calcium and other salts.
10ml of this solution increases the level of Ca in 6 ppm in a volume of 100 liter aquarium water.

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