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Waxworms, available in a convenient 15g pre-pack, are a popular and nutritious feeder insect commonly used as live food for reptiles, birds, and other insect-eating pets. These small, soft-bodied larvae are the caterpillar stage of the wax moth (Galleria mellonella). Here's a short description:

Waxworms are creamy-white caterpillars with a soft and pliable body. Measuring about 1 inch in length, they are characterised by a distinct segmentation and a slightly glossy appearance. Their name comes from their tendency to infest beehives and consume beeswax.

Nutritional Value:
Waxworms are rich in fat, making them an excellent energy source for insectivores. They also contain some protein and moisture, providing a well-rounded nutritional profile for many animals.

Feeding Use:
These larvae are commonly used as live food for reptiles, such as geckos and bearded dragons, as well as some bird species. Their soft texture and high fat content make them an enticing treat for pets.

Convenient Packaging:
The 15g pre-pack is a convenient and appropriately sized portion for feeding small to medium-sized pets. It ensures freshness and makes it easy to manage portion control.

Waxworms are typically stored in a cool environment, such as a refrigerator, to slow their metabolism and extend their shelf life.

Before feeding waxworms to your pets, it's important to ensure that they are sourced from reputable suppliers to maintain their quality and nutritional value. Always follow any specific guidelines provided by the pet care or feeder insect supplier for optimal results. Approx 50 – 15-20mm

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