VivExotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit Oak

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Vivarium only!! Cabinets can be purchased separately

The Viv-Exotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit in Oak (48x25x25) is a comprehensive and convenient package designed for the optimal care of your bearded dragon. This starter kit includes a high-quality oak enclosure measuring 48x25x25 centimeters, providing a secure and comfortable living space. The kit also features essential accessories such as heating and lighting elements, creating a well-equipped habitat for your reptile. Crafted by Viv-Exotic, a trusted name in reptile care, this starter kit is an ideal solution for beginners or those looking for an all-in-one package to meet the needs of their bearded dragon.

Starter kit contains: 1 x VE Repti-home BD vivarium (AAL) large OAK 120×62.5×62.5cm 1 x Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Lamp 150W 1 x Exo Terra T8 Ballast Unit 30W 1 x Exo Terra Medium Glo Light 2 x Exo Terra Digital Thermometers 1 x Exo Terra UVB200 Fluorescent Bulb 30W 1 x Exo Terra Natural Light Fluorescent Bulb 30W 2 x Sandpaper Mats

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