Velda Ultra Protector

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Velda Ultra Protector-A very effective way of keeping unwanted animals away from the pond is to install this electric fence. The unpleasant experience of the shock causes an instinctive flight response in herons, cormorants and cats so that they stay away. Fish will be safe in the pond again.

With this set your pond is protected, but it can also be a boundary for your garden. Pets and farm animals will stay within the fence and vegetation is protected against animals making a mess.

• Professional electric fence unit LED lights show correct operation
• 20 uprights with base and peg for fencing at different heights
• 200 m of electric wire to protect 100 m of pond side with 2 wires
• Metal earth pin measuring 1 metre for the proper grounding of the system
• Maximum peak voltage 6.4 kV
• Resistance of electric fence 8 ohm/m
• Input power 3 Watt
• Stored energy 2.00 J
• Max. impulse energy 1.25 J

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