ULTIMATE Misting System v5.0

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ULTIMATE Misting System v5.0– 5th generation MistKing misting systems are renowned for their high quality and impeccable reliability making them a popular choice for Zoo’s, private hobbyists and botanical gardens around the world. Perfect for Amphibians, Chameleons and Bio-active planted enclosures. The 5th generation of the Mistking provides exceptional performance with a robust pump and improved seconds timer to ensure reliable misting when it is needed. Being a modular system allows for further customisation offering a flexible approach to a hobbyists growing collection. The 5th generation Ultimate Misting System improves on the starter misting system by providing 3 fine misting nozzles, a more powerful pump that can support up to 20 nozzles and extra accessories including the ZipDrip valve offering a drip free experience. Complete with 25ft of ¼” tubing, the Mistking seconds digital timer, manual ball valve for manual override, and the tubing cutter. • 24V DC misting pump • Pump power adapter • 3 Value T misting assemblies • ZipDrip • Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and plug • 25 feet of 1/4” black opaque tubing • 1/4” Manual Ball Valve • Digital Seconds Timer ST-24 • 10 tubing clips with screws • Tubing cutter with collet tool • “T” connector • “L” connector • Cable Y-connector for connecting the ZipDrip valve and pump together to the timer

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