TMC Next Wave 60 Aquarium

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The Next Wave 60 for the next Generation of Reef Keepers

The Next Wave 60s compact and self contained design is ideal for any room in the house or office.
Its small footprint and energy efficient equipment ensure low power consumption and low running costs.

Perfect 1st Marine Fish Tank and ideal for small reefscapes.

Capacity - 60L
Dimensions - 38 x 41 x 40cm


Reef ION 30 LED - Slimline full spectrum reef ready LED

Built in bluetooth for easy control and programming via the app. 4 individually adjustable channels using the latest LED's
Natural reef pre-sets via geolocation. Silent operation - No Fans. Simple and easy to set up, includes mounting bracket.

Reef Pump 500

Low voltage compact DC pump - High power and flow rate, quiet operation, low energy consumption.

Flow Rate - 500 L/H
Max Power - 9w
Max Head - 2m
Outlet (mm) - 12/16
Dimensions - 89 x 57 x 97

Media Basket

Ideal for housing mechanical, biological and chemical filter media
CNC engineered from high quality materials
Compact design
Slide out door and removable shelfs allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.  

Protein Skimmer

Unique integrated air driven protein skimmer to ensure quiet operation 
Wooden air stone produces micro fine air bubbles for efficient skimming
Air adjustment valve offers precision control of air flow into the skimmer for optimum performance 

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