Exo-Terra Thermostat 600w with Dual Receptacles

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Exo-Terra Thermostat 600w with Dual Receptacles - Dimming & Pulse Proportional function controls terrarium temperatures very accurately
From 10°C up to 60°C (50°F – 140°F)
Red LED and heating symbol will indicate when heating device is ON
Push button/dial system to avoid accidental setting or tampering
Controls heating devices up to 600W
Dual Receptacles means two devices can be controlled by one thermostat
Daytime and nighttime temperature can be set separately
Waterproof remote temperature probe with built-in light sensor
Easy-to-read blue LCD screen shows actual and set temperature
Can be used with the following Exo Terra heating sources: Heat Mat – Heat Cable – Ceramic Heater – Infrared Basking Spot – Daytime Heat Lamp

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