Exo-Terra Terrarium Background - 90x60cm

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The Exo-Terra Terrarium Background, sized at 90 x 60 cm, is an excellent choice for enhancing the visual depth and natural appeal of larger terrariums. This sizeable background is crafted to emulate a realistic rock face, providing a visually stunning and textured backdrop that adds a sense of wilderness to your terrarium. Beyond aesthetics, it offers practical benefits by creating additional climbing areas and hiding spots, encouraging natural behaviours in reptiles and amphibians. The background is designed for easy customisation and installation, allowing it to fit perfectly into your specific terrarium setup. Made with durable and non-toxic materials, it ensures safety and longevity, even in humid terrarium conditions. The Exo-Terra Terrarium Background significantly elevates the overall ambiance of the enclosure, making it both a functional and beautiful addition to any large terrarium.

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