Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 5.0 116cm, 54w

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The Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 5.0, measuring 116cm with a 54W power output, is a premium lighting solution for large terrariums. This bulb is specifically crafted to provide a high level of UVB, essential for the health and wellbeing of reptiles, especially those originating from tropical environments. The 5.0% UVB output is crucial for facilitating the synthesis of Vitamin D3, necessary for proper calcium absorption and the prevention of metabolic bone disease. Its T5 High Output design ensures a strong and efficient spread of light, delivering the necessary UVB over a larger area, perfect for spacious terrariums. This makes it an ideal choice for reptile enthusiasts who own larger enclosures and are looking to mimic the natural sunlight conditions required for their reptilian pets’ health and vitality. With the Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 5.0, owners can be confident in providing their pets with a top-tier source of UVB light.

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