Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 10.0 55cm, 24w

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The Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 10.0, measuring 55cm in length with a 24W output, is an excellent UVB lighting option for medium-sized reptile enclosures. Designed to emit a strong 10% UVB radiation, this bulb is particularly beneficial for desert-dwelling reptiles and other species that require intense sunlight exposure. The high UVB output is crucial for these reptiles, assisting in the production of Vitamin D3, vital for healthy bone development and preventing metabolic bone disease. The T5 High Output design ensures that the bulb delivers a wide and effective spread of UVB light, perfectly covering medium terrariums or vivariums. It's a great choice for reptile enthusiasts who want to provide their pets with a naturalistic lighting environment, mimicking the intense sun of their native habitats. The Zoo-Med T5HO ReptiSun 10.0 combines efficiency with effectiveness, making it a top choice for maintaining the health and happiness of your reptilian companions.

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