Special Green Porites (SPS)

Size: small
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frag size 20mm-25mm

medium 30mm-40mm

large 40mm-60mm

colony 60mm-100mm

The Special Green Porites, a variety of Small Polyp Stony (SPS) coral, is a highly prized addition to marine aquariums, celebrated for its vibrant green colour and intricate skeletal structure. This coral species stands out for its small, tightly packed polyps that grow over a hard, calcium carbonate base, forming beautiful, porous structures. The Special Green Porites is known for its slow but steady growth, gradually creating a captivating, natural reef-like environment within the tank. It requires specific care, thriving best under moderate to high lighting and strong water flow, conditions that replicate its natural ocean habitat. As an SPS coral, it contributes significantly to the ecological balance of the aquarium by helping maintain water quality and providing habitat complexity. Ideal for experienced aquarists, the Special Green Porites is more than just an aesthetic addition; it's a living piece of the ocean's ecosystem, bringing a slice of underwater wonder to home aquariums.

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