Space Monkey Favia

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Frag 10mm

The Space Monkey Favia is a striking and popular variety of coral in the marine aquarium hobby, known for its vibrant and otherworldly colouration. This type of Favia coral, a Large Polyp Stony (LPS) species, features a rich mosaic of colours, often showcasing a mix of deep blues, greens, and purples, with contrasting brighter hues that can resemble a starry night sky, hence the name "Space Monkey." Each individual polyp of the coral contributes to this stunning display, creating a mesmerising effect in the aquarium. The Space Monkey Favia is appreciated for its hardiness and relatively easy care requirements, making it suitable for a range of aquarists, from beginners to experts. It thrives under moderate lighting and water flow conditions and is known for its slow, steady growth. This coral not only adds a splash of colour and intrigue to the reef tank but also plays a role in the tank's ecosystem, offering shelter and adding to the biodiversity of the marine habitat. The Space Monkey Favia is a captivating and exotic addition, bringing a piece of the ocean's mystery and beauty into the home aquarium.

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