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Snail - Red foot conch

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Snail - Red foot conch

Care: Beginner
Diet: Omnivorous
Light: Medium
Strombus spp.


The Red Foot Conch Snail is a prized addition to many saltwater aquariums, known for its striking appearance and beneficial role in tank maintenance. This snail features a distinctive shell, usually a blend of earthy tones, topped with a bright red or orange 'foot' that adds a splash of colour to the aquarium floor. Renowned for their sand-sifting abilities, Red Foot Conch Snails are excellent at keeping the substrate clean and aerated, preventing the build-up of detritus and harmful gas pockets. They are particularly adept at consuming algae, contributing to a cleaner and healthier tank environment. These snails are peaceful and non-aggressive, coexisting well with a variety of tank mates. While they are hardy and relatively easy to care for, they require a stable environment with sufficient algae growth to thrive. The Red Foot Conch Snail is more than just a cleanup crew member; it's a fascinating and vibrant inhabitant that enhances the overall ecosystem and aesthetic of marine aquariums.

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