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Skittles Chalice

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Skittles Chalice

Echinopora sp..

Stunning Pieces

3 x 4cm.

Lovely glitter look to this one.

The Skittles Chalice is a vibrant and highly sought-after variety of chalice coral, cherished in the marine aquarium hobby for its dazzling array of colours. This coral exhibits a stunning spectrum of hues, resembling the popular Skittles candy, with bright spots of red, orange, green, and blue spread across its calcified surface. The Skittles Chalice is particularly appreciated for its slow-growing, encrusting nature, which adds a rich, colourful blanket to rockwork in reef aquariums. While it requires specific care, including moderate lighting and water flow, its vivid beauty makes it a prized possession for dedicated aquarists. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Skittles Chalice contributes to the ecological diversity of the tank, providing shelter and territory for various small marine organisms. It’s a spectacular and exotic addition to any reef tank, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world.

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