Repstyle Bamboo Plant & Rock Base 12.5×9.5x23cm.

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The Repstyle Bamboo Plant and Rock Base 12.5×9.5x23cm is a practical and realistic decorative item for both terrariums and aquariums. This ornament features a silk bamboo plant attached to a sturdy polyresin rock base, suitable for adding a touch of nature to your pet's environment.


The silk plant offers a natural appearance, contributing to the aesthetic of the habitat while providing cover and a sense of security for the inhabitants. The polyresin rock base is designed for stability, ensuring the plant remains upright in various settings, whether in a terrarium's substrate or submerged in an aquarium.

This decorative piece is not only visually appealing but also easy to clean and maintain. It's a convenient way to enhance the look of your pet's enclosure and make it more enjoyable and comfortable for them.

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