Reef Zlements Z-Phosfate Liquid Phosphate Remover 1000ml

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Reef Zlements Z-Phosfate Liquid Phosphate Remover 1000ml

PhosFate is an extremely efficient liquid PO4 remover that works by binding to phosphate and allowing mechanical filtration like skimmers and filter rollers to remove the phosphate from the aquarium. 

We recommend PhosFate to be dosed directly into the skimmer pump or skimmer neck.

PhosFate can be dosed using a dosing pump, however please dose carefully and according to the below recommendations:

​Phosphate levels        per day/100l

0.04 - 0.25 ppm     |     0.1 - 1.0ml

0.26 - 1.00 ppm     |     1.1 - 2.5ml

1.10 - 5.0+ ppm    |     2.5 - 5+ ml    

Do not overdose. Although dosing PhosFate is very safe, overdosing PhosFate can lead to deposits of white flocculant appearing in the rock scape, corals, glass, etc. Can also lead to fish breathing difficulties as the flocculant can travel and bind to their gills.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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