Red Sea Reefer Max G2+ XL 625 Aquarium (Black)

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Red Sea Reefer Max G2+ XL 625 Aquarium (Black)

Fully equipped smart systems that provide you with everything you need for a thriving reef. The premium REEFER MAX series features the entire REEFER G2+ range in a Plug & Play configuration that includes smart lighting, filtration, and circulation devices, so you can enjoy the full Red Sea ecosystem experience, operate every aspect via your ReefBeat App, and be at ease knowing that all the essential equipment is compatible and at the best possible price!

Equipment Included

Lighting - 2 x ReefLED 160
Water circulation - 2 x ReefWave45
Main System Pump - 
1x ReefRun 7000
Protein Skimmer - RSK DC 900
ReefMat 1200
ReefATO+ Kit
Slide Out Control Panel 60

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