Red Sea Reefer G2+ S-1000 Deluxe (White)

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The REEFER G2+ series of reef-ready aquarium systems comes in a huge variety of sizes, includes top-of-the- line infrastructure, filtration, water management and the ReefATO+ system, and is designed to allow hobbyists complete freedom of choice to use all their preferred or existing hardware.

REEFER G2+ features:

- The ReefATO+ included- an exceptionally reliable auto top-off system combined with a temperature monitor and external leak detector.

- ReefMat ready sump that has a pull-out filter-sock / media-cup compartment and a universal connector on the downpipe, for a truly Plug and Play ReefMat installation.

- The ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass has increased thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75” with silicone protection strips on bottom and side joins.

- The marine-spec cabinets are extra fortified with all models being made from plywood. Reefers 625 and above all have an aluminum support under the signature protruding front of the tank.

- All systems come with 3y warranty as standard and a highly affordable 5y extended warranty.

- All Reefer 350 and above (120cm/47” and longer) now have dual return outlets, creating an even better water distribution.

- All models include a new and improved high precision valve and an enlarged inlet section on the downflow pipe that enables easy regulation and near silent operation.

- Extra connectors that support both metric and USA standard pipes are available for those who wish to customize their sump piping.


Display tank length - 210 cm
Display tank height - 65 cm
Display tank width - 68 cm
Total system height - 153 cm
Total system water vol. - 1000 L
Display tank water vol. - 795 L
In-cabinet sump water vol. - 205 L
Ultra-clear front glass - 19 mm
Ultra-clear side glass - 19mm
Bottom glass - 19mm

Return Pump

Recommended Flow - 9000LPH (Pump Not Included)


Protein Skimmer - Recommended RSK900 (Not Included)
Mechanical Filtration (Bubble Trap) - Yes
Micron Filter Bags 225 Thin Mesh - 2
Filter Media Cup - 2
Carbon Filtration Media - Not Included


ReefMat Ready Removable Ready Chamber - ReefMat 1200 Ready
Adjustable Height Skimmer Chamber - Yes
Refugium-Ready - Yes
Split Sump - Yes


Aluminium Cabinet Frame - Yes
Marine-Spec Cabinet - Yes
Chiller Ready - Yes
Heavy Duty Levelable Plywood Cabinet - No


3 x ReefLED 160s

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