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Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon - 1l

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Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon - 1l

Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon in a 1l package is a premium activated carbon designed for use in marine and reef aquariums. This product is tailored to provide high-efficiency filtration, ensuring crystal clear water and improved water quality for a thriving aquatic environment.

Reef Spec Carbon is known for its exceptional adsorption qualities, effectively removing organic pollutants, odours, and toxins from aquarium water. This results in a healthier and more stable environment for your marine life, including corals and fish. It's particularly beneficial in heavily stocked tanks or systems with a high biological load.

The granular form of Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon allows for optimal contact time with water, maximising its purifying efficiency. Easy to use, it can be added directly to your filter media basket or placed in a media bag within your filtration system. Regular use contributes to a clean, odour-free, and visually appealing aquarium.

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