Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Algae Reducer 1L

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Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Algae Reducer 1L

NO3:PO4-X will prevent the growth of nuisance algae and promote coral coloration. N:P-X is a fully researched and tested biochemical product containing a mineral complex and special blend of carbon sources to ensure the long term stability of the treatment as well as inhibiting sulphate reducing bacteria.

Since the heterotrophic bacteria are totally dependant on the NO3:PO4-X the reduction process is totally controllable and safe.

Unlike other methods of NO3 and PO4 reduction this system guarantees gradual changes in the algae nutrients allowing proper time for the corals and Zooxanthellae to adjust.

Can also be used as part of the Stage 2 - Algae Nutrient Control in the Red Sea Reef Care Program. The Algae Nutrient Control Stage provides a complete solution for testing and controlling nuisance algae and promote coral coloration. To test the NO3 and PO4 levels use the Red Sea Nitrate and Phosphate Pro Comparator Test Kits.

This products is part of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program (RCP). The Red Sea reef care program is the result of over 5 years research from Red Sea scientists resulting in unparralleled understanding of the requirements of coral aquariums. The Red Sea Reef Care Program provides a holistic solution to maintaining a flourishing coral reef aquarium. It even allows beginners to achieve stunning sps aquariums safely.

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