Red Sea 4 Part Complete Reef Care Medium - 4L

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Red Sea 4 Part Complete Reef Care Medium - 4L

Meet the new 4-part Complete Reef Care, providing hobbyists with more convenience at no extra cost, and ensuring optimal coral growth and vivid colors with only one test per week!
Our long-term research has revealed that in most reef systems without refugium, the Major, Minor, and Trace elements and even the Alkalinity components are used up in a relatively fixed ratio. Since Calcium is the key indicator of coral growth, the 4-part program revolves around a single weekly measurement of Calcium, which determines the dosages of all 4 parts.

The new Complete Reef Care is available in 3 sizes, to fit all system sizes. It is formulated so all 4 parts are used up at the same time, and if supplemented via Red Sea’s ReefDose, the hobbyist needs only to set their Calcium dose and ReefDose does the rest, which is super convenient. The new Complete Reef Care is chemically identical to our original 7-part program and provides the same great results, however, systems with refugium should use Red Sea’s 7-part RCP to properly maintain all elements.

This set contains x1 1 Litre Bottle of Calcium/Magnesium/Barium/Strontium Mix, x1 2 litre Bottle of KH/Alkalinity, x1 500ml Iodine/Potassium and x1 500ml Iron/Bioactive Elements. It is designed to be used on Systems of 300 Litres.

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