ProRep Beardie Life Substrate 10kg

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Elevate your bearded dragon's habitat with ProRep Beardie Life Substrate. This specially formulated substrate is ideal for creating a realistic desert environment, mimicking the sandy soil of their natural habitat. Its unique blend of sand and soil promotes natural behaviours like digging and burrowing, enhancing your pet's wellbeing.

ProRep Beardie Life Substrate's composition not only offers a visually appealing landscape but also ensures safety. The soil component reduces the risk of impaction associated with pure sand substrates, making it a safer choice for your reptile's health. Its moisture retention properties also help in maintaining an optimal terrarium climate.

Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, this substrate is a perfect choice for any bearded dragon enthusiast seeking to replicate a natural desert setting. Easy to use and maintain, ProRep Beardie Life Substrate will transform your reptile's enclosure into a thriving, naturalistic home.

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