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What is the Oase Filtral?

The Oase Filtral UVC pond filters are in-pond filter pumps with UV clarifiers for beautifully clean and clear pond water. They are completely submersible and compact in size yet still contain an integrated pump, filter and a UV bulb. Suitable for small ponds, these pumps are available in 4 sizes with flow rates from 750-2500lph. The 1500 model is equipped with an aeration set while the 3000, 6000 and 9000 models all include the Oase Filtral fountain attachment kit.

What are the benefits of biological filtration?

Each compact filter unit features two different filter sponges as well as bio-surface elements. This filter media provides clean and healthy water using biological and mechanical filtration. Filter foams provide mechanical filtration which strains away debris and waste easily, coupled with ceramic media which has a huge surface area to consume nutrients, leaving the water beautifully clean.

The Oase Filtral UVC range are equipped with UV clarifiers that sterilise pond water, causing algae particles to clump together. This means that when the water passes through the mechanical and biological filter media, the algae is large enough to be captured, and then broken down by the healthy bacteria living within it, leaving you with crystal clear water.

What are the features of the Oase Filtral all in one filters?

The Filtral range are multifunctional filters with UVCs and fountain attachments (available separately for the 1500 model) that offer clear and healthy water. The fountain accessory kit includes 3 different nozzle attachments for changing between individual water displays, giving you more control over the look of your pond and garden.

The enclosed telescopic extension pole gives greater versatility when creating the fountain while the T-piece allows operating spouts and watercourses. These all-in-one units save space, maintenance time and money. Once installed, they are virtually invisible in your pond, thanks to the discreet, compact unit with just one power cable, there are no bulky items to litter your lawn or pond.

The Oase Filtral UVC filter pumps feature an outflow that can either be used to feed a small water feature via the included hosetail or it can also be used to produce a fountain of various designs. An added bonus with the design of this filter is that you can even add an aeration set if your pond is in need of extra oxygen.

The large surface wrap-around strainer allows coarse debris particles like fish waste or dead plants up to 8mm to pass through with ease. Larger debris gets caught reducing the amount of filter maintenance that is required, thanks to the caging this can be considered the first filter stage. The case has also been cleverly designed to allow water flow even when large debris gets caught.

Is this filter easy to clean?

The Oase Filtral itself is easy to maintain, with clips to simply open the unit casing so you can rinse out the media and impeller (we recommend cleaning the filter sponges and impellers to prolong the life of the consumable items). For extra peace of mind, the Filtral has a simple UV indicator built-in so you will know instantly when the UV needs replacing.

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