MY POND MS300 Underwater Sealant 290ml

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MY POND MS300 Underwater Sealant 290ml - 

Flexible Sealant that bonds - Concrete- Stone - Wood - Glass - Metal - Rubber - Plastic - Fibreglass

No need for priming on clean surfaces that are free of grease and dust (concrete must be primed), bonds almost all liners (not laminated tarps)
High performance and environmentally friendly modified adhesive sealant with terminal silyl polyether as the base polymer. No odor, zero formaldehyde, no shrinkage after colloid curing.
Excellent weather resistance, durability and high resistance to movement. Stable bonding to various substrates such as wood, glass and metal

Avoid prolonged contact with skin, if uncured adhesive comes into contact with eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Keep away from fire and out of reach of children

Seals best on clean/dry surfaces, will cure underwater but requires support during curing.
1 large bead is better than multiple smaller beads, no need to press completely flat, allow at least 2mm thick covering of sealant for best results.

Cure time 24 hours, this sealant skins over but takes years to fully cure in the center of large beads, this is not a problem, it is a characteristic of our sealant which remains flexible

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