Moroccan Uromastyxs

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Moroccan Uromastyxs (Uromastyx Nigriventris)

Habitat and Enclosure:
1. Enclosure Size: A minimum of a 40-gallon tank for one adult Moroccan Uromastyx, with a preference for larger enclosures as they enjoy space to roam.
2. Temperature: Provide a temperature gradient with a basking area of about 120°F and a cooler end around 80-90°F. Nighttime temperatures can drop to 70-75°F.
3. Lighting: UVB lighting is essential for Vitamin D3 synthesis. Provide 10-12 hours of light daily.
4. Substrate: Use a substrate like sand or a sand/soil mix that allows for digging and burrowing.
5. Environmental Enrichment: Include hiding spots, rocks for basking, and a gradient of temperatures within the enclosure.

1. Diet: Primarily herbivorous. Feed a variety of leafy greens, vegetables, and occasional fruits. Avoid animal protein.
2. Supplements: Dust food with calcium and vitamin supplements, particularly vitamin D3.
3. Feeding Frequency: Adults can be fed every other day, while juveniles should be fed daily.

Special Considerations:
- Uromastyx can be sensitive to humidity. Ensure the enclosure is not too humid.

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