Modern Reef Reef-Keeping System (RKS) 4 × 2.5L Set

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Modern Reef Reef-Keeping System (RKS) 4 × 2.5L Set 

It contains all essential trace elements found in natural seawater, organic and inorganic micronutrients, and amino acids in one set of 4 canisters! All you need to maintain a thriving and colourful modern reef aquarium. A unique proportional consumption formula created and been used by Akil from Euro Corals to breed and produce spectacular corals. Modern Reef – Reef Keeping System is the base of our proportional consumption reef keeping system with Complete Reef Food and Polypop. Once you find the maintenance dosage and ideal KH level, our system will provide your reef with all it needs to thrive and colour up by proportion of consumption of KH (carbonate hardness) and Ca (calcium).

  • Developed to enhance one of the most challenging pigments in reef keeping yellow and orange pigments
  • Enhance red, pink, blue, and purple pigments, especially the body and polyps of Acropora corals
  • Stimulate non-fluorescent chromoproteins for better pigmentation
  • Designed for blue side spectrum light reef aquariums for better fluorescent proteins or reflective pigments excitation and stimulation
  • The growth rate is highly improved when used with Complete Reef Food and can be boosted more with a correct white side spectrum light, but the RKS will be consumed more
  • Improves water clarity by enhancing the propagation of sponges and sea squirts
  • No need to test for magnesium and calcium constantly, only KH
  • No need for any other 3rd product like amino acids, mixed trace elements, or any other tagged for coral coloration, polyp extensions, or growth (only Modern Reef – Complete Reef Food and Polypop)
  • Proportional consumption reef keeping system dosed by calculation to avoid overdose or unnecessary accumulations that may cause problems
  • Free of Nitrates (no3) or Phosphates (po4)
  • Will adapt to any aquarium setup and nutrient export method by finding the maintenance of KH and the ideal KH level that the reef aquarium should use with the calcium level
10ml x100 liters will raise 1dKH

Modern Reef All-in-one RKS is ready to use 4-equal parts liquid. It can be dosed by hand, but it is recommended to be used using a dosing pump. Especially for SPS dominant reef aquariums. Preferable with a dosing pump that can be calibrated with 4 heads.
If your doser has only 3 heads, you can combine one part of BASE-KH1 with one part of BASE-KH2 in one canister or container. In this case, you will have to multiply the combined BASE KH1 and KH2 dosage by 2.Please consider these tips to improve the pump performance for accurate dosing and a stable reef aquarium:
  • The tubing from the canisters to the dosing pump heads should have the same length, and also from the pumps to your aquarium should have the same length. This will make the pumps have the same conditions, and calibration will be more constant between them.
  • Calibrate your dosing pump following the recommendation of the manufacturer. Don’t forget to check the calibration every 6 months and recalibrate if needed.
  • Set the doser to dose equal parts and give at least 10 minutes between each dosing pump. Ideally, start with KH1, then CAL, then KH2, then MAG with a 10-15 minutes gap in between.
  • Spread the daily dosage as many times as your dosing pump allows it per day.

Dosage: Simply dose equal parts from each to keep KH between 7.2-8.5dKH, and all the rest will be proportionally kept. For the first 2 weeks, try to find the ideal KH level for your reef aquarium light spectrum based on calcium consumption. In other words, please dose equal parts to keep calcium stable between 380-420ppm and then test your KH to find your Ideal KH level keeping it between 7.2-8.5dKH. This way, our Modern Reef All-in-one RKS will adapt to your aquarium setup consumption and not the other way around.

Example 1: If you are dosing equal parts from each to keep KH at 7.5 and your calcium is going down, raise your dosage to increase and keep KH at 7.7 and check calcium again. Repeat if needed. Once you find the ideal KH level for your tank, you don’t need to test calcium often.

Example 2: If you are dosing equal parts from each to keep KH at 8 and your calcium is going up, lower your dosage to decrease and keep KH at 7.8 and check calcium again. Repeat if needed. Once you find the ideal KH level for your tank, you don’t need to test calcium often.Our Modern Reef All-in-one RKS doesn’t need to be shaken or any type of magnetic stirrer.

You don’t need to use any product like amino acids, mixed trace elements or any other tagged for coral coloration, polyp extensions, or growth. All are included by proportional consumption except solid food. Avoid them when using this product.

Please keep this product in the dark or shadow place. Never under direct sun or any other type of light. Preferable to be used in the original canisters that they come with. If you have transparent containers, make sure that there is no light source near them. Direct strong light can make some elements unstable, and because this product contains a sort of “life source”, some microorganisms may start multiplying in the transparent containers if direct light is present. The original canisters should protect the liquid enough from any light, but it is better to avoid direct sun or aquarium light.

This product doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but if you need to store it, do it in a cool place.


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