Hikari Wheat Germ 2 kg Medium Pellet

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Hikari Wheat Germ 2 kg Medium Pellet Koi food is a floating high quality wheat germ pellet food, for winter, spring and autumn feeding for koi. Hikari WheatGerm Koi food is in our opinion still one of the best quality Koi foods available, made in Japan to a very high standard and used by many hobbyists and dealers.

Hikari WheatGerm Koi food is easily digested with very little solid waste produced meaning cleaner water compared to the cloudiness that can occur with some cheap wheatgerm foods.

Hikari Wheatgerm koi Food is an excellent daily diet for Koi and other Pond Fish for use when water temperatures are cooler or improved digestion is desired. Hikari Wheatgerm Koi Food is made from carefully selected high quality ingredients. Hikari Wheatgerm Koi Food promotes improved fertility, body luster, abrasion healing and resistance to stress and stress related disease.

Best of all the Hikari Wheatgerm floating pellets won't cloud your water. Hikari Wheatgerm is your first choice for superior growth and digestion in colder or variable temperatures.

Hikari Wheatgerm Typical Analysis:

Protein 34%, Oil 8.3%, Fibre 1.4%, Ash 7.8%

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