Hexagon Frag Plugs 26mm - White

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Hexagon Frag Plugs 26mm - White

Our Standard Round frag plugs have been designed so you can attach all most any type of coral.

The textured surface gives good glue adhesion and ideal growing surface.

The design of the plugs ensures maximum flow around the coral which helps keep the frags free from infections while healing which speeds up the recovery time.

These plugs are also made to fit most frag racks and egg crate, the textured flat top makes for a good mounting surface when adding to your display.

The stem can be removed to make mounting on to your reef easier.

The approximate size of each frag plug is:

Top Diameter = 26mm

Over all Height =23mm

Stem diameter =10mm.

We are one of the leading suppliers to the aqua-culture industry, supplying thousands of high quality plugs, grow-out discs and tiles every month to many companies and hobbyists world wide.

300g - Approximately 36 Plugs

600g - Approximately 72 Plugs

10kg - Approximately 1200 Plugs

20kg - Approximately 2400 Plugs

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