Goldrim Tang

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Goldrim Tang - Acanthurus japonicus
Care: Intermediate
Diet: Algivorous
Light: Medium
Place of origin: Western Pacific
Temperature: Tropical: 23-27 deg C (73-81 deg F)
Water Parameters: SG: 1.020-1.025, pH: 8.1-8.4

Northern West Pacific, southern Japan, Philippines and Bonin, Indonesia. Occurs on outer reef crests and slopes to about 20m depth. Usually occurs in small to large aggregations. Very similar to Acanthurus nigricans in behaviour and looks A.Japonicus is best distinguished from A.nigricans by the large white area below the eye and the lack of the yellow sub-marginal band in the caudal fin. The two species co-occur in southern Japan and Bonin Islands. Length to 14cm.

6 cm.

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