Gamma Omega Brineshrimp Blister Pack 100g

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TMC Gamma Omega 3 Brineshrimp is a high-quality frozen food made up of nutritious brineshrimp and health-boosting Omega 3 oils. It’s suitable for a variety of fish, from freshwater to saltwater species.

During its preparation process this frozen food undergoes Gamma irradiation, which completely eliminates any harmful parasites or bacteria. It also makes the food safe to store in your home freezer.

Gamma Foods Key Features:

  • Only food used by TMC (Tropical Marine Centre) at its fish breeding and holding facilities
  • Made from the highest quality ingredients, rapidly packed, sealed and frozen for maximum freshness
  • Undergoes Gamma irradiation, eliminating harmful parasites and bacteria and making food safe to store
  • Made from 100% natural products, ensures that aquatic animals receive a balanced, varied and interesting diet
  • Blister packs are designed to dispense one measured cube of food at a time, leaving the rest sealed
  • Flatpack design makes it easy to store multiple blister packs in your home freezer

TMC Gamma Omega 3 Brineshrimp is incredibly quick and easy to feed, thanks to the fact that it comes in an easy-to-dispense blister pack. To feed your animals, remove a cube from the blister pack and either add it straight to your aquarium, or leave it to thaw for a few minutes in a separate container.

Only feed as many cubes as your animals can eat within 5-10 minutes and make sure you remove any uneaten food to avoid unnecessary water pollution. Adding a frozen cube directly to your aquarium will ensure that food is released slowly, while a thawed cube will quicken the rate at which food is dispersed throughout your aquarium.

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