Fauna Marin Red X

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Fauna Marin RED X

Special liquid tonic for algae control in saltwater aquariums

prevents algae growth in aquaria and works in a biological-organic way.
RED X is very gentle in use and has no effect on fish, corals or invertebrates when used in the intended dosage.

RED X is effective against:

•  green and red cyanobacteria
•  mild dinoflagellate infestation (Ostreopsis sp.,
Amphidinium sp., Prorocentrum sp., Coolia sp., Symbiodinium and others)
•  Gold algae and armour algae growth, Diatoms

Safety note:

Only for use in marine aquaria. Keep away from children, do not introduce into open waters.

Use biocidal products with care.
Always read label and product information before use.
BAuA Reg. No.: N-77208

Contains no antibiotics or prescription medicine!

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