Fauna Marin Elementals P 1000ml

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Fauna Marin Elementals P 1000ml

If you are looking for more phosphates in your aquarium water elementals P (phosphate) will do this safely. 1ml in 100l of aquarium water will increase you phosphate level by 0.01mg/l.

Maximum suggested daily increase is 0.02mg/l.

The Elementals series is designed for use with regular ICP analyses. The Fauna Marin ICP analyses help you to keep your aquarium perfectly supplied.

In addition to the measured values, Fauna Marin ICP analyses provide you with all necessary dosage recommendations. In addition to the salts of the macro elements calcium, magnesium and carbonate hardness, we also offer a number of special trace elements whose function is essential in saltwater aquaria.

In contrast to macro elements such as calcium, magnesium or potassium, trace elements are present in seawater in concentrations of less than 1 mg/l. These include, for example, copper, chromium, manganese or selenium, but also iron, iodine or zinc.


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