Cuttlefish Bone 100g

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Cuttlefish Bone 100g

  • Natural source of calcium.
  • Great for tortoises.
  • Helps promote strong bones and shells.
  • Helps to keep beaks trim.
  • Also suitable for pet birds.

Cuttlefish bone is a natural calcium supplement which is needed for healthy bone and shell growth, this helps prevent metabolic bone disease. It is great for a large range of species especially tortoises and turtles to help stop their beaks from becoming overgrown. It is best broken up into smaller pieces for and scattered throughout the enclosure for the tortoises to find and nibble on at their leisure; an excellent source of enrichment. Cuttlefish bone is also readily taken by isopods to strengthen their exoskeleton, and small pieces can be mixed into their substrate.

Cuttlefish bone is also a great source of calcium and enrichment for pet birds; such as Budgerigars, Parakeets, Finches etc. Pieces of the bone should be suspended near the perches for the birds to access at their leisure; will also keep their beaks nice and trim.

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