Blue Eye Cardinal- Leptocanthus

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The Ghost Cardinalfish is known from shallow, turbid bays and lagoons, where it forms dense aggregations above mounds of branching Porites cylindrica coral, to depths of 12m (39ft). This nocturnal species often forms shoals with other cardinalfish, such as Taeniamia fucata and T. zosterophora. The aquarium should be aquascaped with plenty of live rock, creating lots of shady hidey holes and overhangs (do ensure these are secure). The more places of safety available to these fish, the more you will see them out in the open, as they will learn that they can quickly retreat if necessary. Ghost Cardinalfish are a shoaling species and really should be maintained in small groups of at least 5-7 specimens, introduced simultaneously. Keeping these fish in decent numbers will not only make the fish less nervous, but will also result in a more effective, natural-looking display. It is important that tankmates are of a peaceful nature; they should not include large, carnivorous, or intimidating species (the latter which may prevent the cardinals from feeding). Ghost Cardinalfish are best kept in a reef situation. Unlike many of their relatives, this species is much less of a threat towards other small fishes and crustaceans, and will really only prey on the tiniest of shrimp. On occasion, Ghost Cardinalfish will be seen hiding amongst the long spines of Diadema spp. sea urchins. As with many cardinals, these large-eyed fish are active during the evening/night, and a period of blue moon lighting will enable you to observe their antics more closely after the main tank lights have been switched off. May also be seen on sale as the Blue-Eyed Cardinalfish, Bluestreak Cardinalfish, Longspine Cardinalfish, or Threadfin Cardinalfish.

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