Zoo-Med Australian Maple - Medium

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The Zoo-Med Australian Maple- Medium is a crafted artificial plant designed to enrich the habitat of your reptiles and amphibians. Ideal for pet owners looking to create a more natural and engaging environment, this medium-sized decoration is perfect for various terrarium sizes.

Mimicking the appearance of real Australian Maple foliage, this artificial plant provides essential hiding and resting areas, contributing to the overall well-being of your pets. The lifelike design not only adds a touch of realism to your terrarium but also encourages natural behaviour in reptiles and amphibians.

Easy to install and maintain, the Zoo-Med Australian Maple is durable, safe, and non-toxic. It can be easily cleaned and rearranged within your pet's enclosure, offering a versatile and attractive addition to your setup. This medium-sized plant is a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetic of your terrarium while providing practical benefits for your pets.

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