ATM Mirage Glass and Acrylic Cleaner

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ATM Mirage Glass and Acrylic Cleaner is a specialised cleaning solution designed for the unique needs of aquarium enthusiasts. Whether you have a glass or acrylic aquarium, this cleaner is formulated to provide a streak-free and clear view into your aquatic world.

The ATM Mirage Cleaner effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, and water marks, ensuring your aquarium walls are crystal clear. This enhances the overall aesthetic of your aquarium, allowing unobstructed viewing of your aquatic inhabitants and landscape.

Safe for use around fish and plants, this cleaner is non-toxic and easy to use. It does not leave any harmful residues, ensuring the health and safety of your aquarium environment. Ideal for regular maintenance, ATM Mirage Glass and Acrylic Cleaner is a must-have for any aquarium owner seeking to maintain a pristine and beautiful display.

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