Art Reef Rocks (Medium)

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The Art Reef Rocks are a beautiful handmade product meaning that each piece is unique. Let your creative flair loose when building these rocks, as although illustrations and instructions are provided with your purchase, you have the option to build them however you'd like, bringing a taste of your imagination into your aquarium. On delivery, the box contains multiple smaller pieces, each with an acrylic dowel rod connector that fits into the main body, meaning you can position these to get your design. These rocks are simple to assemble when following the instructions, although you can build as much of a complex design as you'd like, filling your tank with a unique twist and unusual piece that nobody else will build in the same way as you. 

What are the benefits of this product?

  • Ideal for reef systems, with flat levels for attaching corals easily
  • Regularly ICP tested, with no harmful elements
  • Materials will not cloud or foul the aquarium water
  • Connected by acrylic rods which allows it to create a beautifully stunning display for your aquarium 
  • Completely reef and fish safe

What can I expect from my Reef Rocks?

The Art Reef Rocks are all unique, and come in a variety of sizes and styles of designs. No two are the same, so you can really let your imagination go with your placing of pieces and corals around them. Because of this, our images are for illustration purposes only, and measurements are a guide. These rocks are fanatastic to use in your reef system, especially if you have flatter areas of the tank to allow it to remain steady. You can even attach corals to these rocks to create your own taste of the marine world in your home. There are no harmful elements in these rocks that will cause any damage to your aquatic life or water quality, and the elements used have been ICP tested to be sure of this. Even the water will not become cloudy or polluted due to these rocks, as the materials used have been specially selected to prevent this, as well as being absolutely reef-safe and safe for your aquatic creatures. 

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