Aquavitro Sentia Doser - Secondary

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The Aquavitro Sentia Doser - secondary is an additional module designed to enhance and expand the capabilities of the primary Sentia Dosing System. This expansion unit is perfect for aquarists who require additional dosing channels for their complex aquarium setups, particularly in marine and freshwater environments.

Integrating seamlessly with the primary Sentia Doser, this secondary unit allows for the precise dosing of multiple supplements simultaneously. It's especially useful for larger aquariums or systems with diverse nutrient requirements, ensuring balanced and efficient supplementation across different channels.

The secondary doser inherits the user-friendly interface and customisable settings of the primary unit, ensuring ease of use and consistency in operation. This expansion is essential for aquarists looking to automate and streamline the dosing process for a more complex and demanding aquarium care routine.

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