AquaForte Profi Heaters

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AquaForte Profi Heaters are advanced heating solutions designed for ponds and large aquariums. They are ideal for maintaining stable water temperatures, crucial for the health of aquatic life, especially in variable climates or for species with specific temperature needs.

These heaters are known for their durability and efficient heating capability, suitable for both small and large water bodies. They feature precise temperature control, allowing for easy adjustment to the desired setting. Safety is a key aspect of their design, with built-in features to prevent overheating.

AquaForte Profi Heaters are simple to install and operate, making them a practical choice for both hobbyists and professionals seeking reliable temperature management in their aquatic environments.

Type Max. pond Volt
ProfiHeater RVS 1KW SC517 5 m³ 230
ProfiHeater RVS 2KW SC518 10 m³ 230
ProfiHeater RVS 3KW SC519 15 m³ 230

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