Anemone Crab - Pink

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The Pink Anemone Crab is a fascinating and vibrant addition to any saltwater aquarium. Known for its striking pink hue and symbiotic relationship with sea anemones, this small crab brings a unique dynamic to your marine ecosystem. It's a perfect choice for aquarists looking to add both beauty and interesting behaviour to their tank.

Adapted to life amongst the tentacles of anemones, the Pink Anemone Crab is not only protected from predators but also helps keep its host clean by feeding on detritus and leftover food. This mutually beneficial relationship is a remarkable example of marine symbiosis and adds an educational aspect to your aquarium.

Despite its bright appearance, this crab is peaceful and can coexist with many other marine species, making it an excellent community tank member. Its presence in the aquarium not only serves as a natural cleaner but also provides a splash of colour and a point of interest for observers.

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