Altumate S2 1800 - Black

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The Altumate S2 1800 is a part of the esteemed CADE Altumate series, known for its spacious and stylish aquariums. This model, measuring 1800mm (Length) x 750mm (Width) x 800mm (Height), is perfect for aquarists looking to create a significant impact with their marine or freshwater setups.

With a display capacity of 974l and a total capacity of 1079l, this aquarium offers ample space for a wide array of aquatic life and aquascaping possibilities. The tank features Opti-Clear glass with flat polished edges and a braced top, ensuring both clarity and durability. The side glass is 15mm thick, with a 19mm thick base and 12mm bracing, providing a solid and secure structure.

The Altumate S2 1800 also includes a white base panel and a black laminated rear panel, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to its design. Whether for a home or professional setting, this aquarium is a robust and elegant choice for creating a stunning aquatic display​

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