AI Blade Elevated Tank Rest

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The AI Blade Elevated Tank Rest is a robust and stylish tank mount designed for the Blade Smart LED Strip Lights from Aqua Illumination. This elevated tank rest is an excellent alternative to the standard Low Profile Tank Rest, offering enhanced functionality and aesthetics for your aquarium setup.

This tank mount is designed to increase light spread, providing a more uniform and extensive illumination for your aquarium, which is crucial for the health and growth of your aquatic plants and animals. Additionally, the elevated design allows for easier access into the aquarium, simplifying maintenance tasks such as cleaning and feeding.

Compatible with both rimmed and rimless tanks, the AI Blade Elevated Tank Rest is versatile and can be used with a wide range of aquarium sizes, specifically with AI Blade LED fixtures up to 39 inches. Its attractive design not only improves the functionality of your aquarium lighting but also adds a modern touch to your setup.

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