African Angel - Juvenile

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The African Angelfish is a magnificent and regal addition to any saltwater aquarium. Renowned for its striking appearance, featuring vibrant blue and yellow hues with elegant black markings, this fish is a true testament to the wonders of marine life. Ideal for experienced aquarists, it brings a touch of exotic beauty and grace to your underwater world.

This species thrives in a spacious and well-established aquarium, equipped with plenty of hiding places and live rock for grazing. A varied diet, rich in marine algae, mysis shrimp, and other high-quality prepared foods, is essential to maintain its health and vibrant colouration. The African Angelfish is generally peaceful but can be territorial with other angelfish.

Incorporating an African Angelfish into your marine setup not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but also adds to the ecological diversity within your tank. Its presence creates a more dynamic and engaging aquatic environment for both the observer and the tank inhabitants.

Pomacanthus chrysurus
Care: Intermediate
Diet: Omnivorous
Light: Medium
Place of origin: Western Indian Ocean


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