Area 51 Acanthastrea Echinata Coral

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Area 51 Acanthastrea Echinata, commonly known as the starry cup coral, is a captivating and colourful Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral, highly sought after by reef aquarium enthusiasts. This coral is renowned for its striking appearance, characterised by its vibrant colours and distinctive, fleshy polyps.

Ideal for a range of reef aquarium setups, Acanthastrea Echinata thrives under moderate lighting and water flow conditions, which mimic its natural ocean habitat. This coral is relatively hardy and adaptable, making it a suitable choice for both novice and experienced aquarists.

The starry cup coral not only adds aesthetic value to your aquarium but also contributes to the ecological diversity of your marine setup. It provides shelter and adds complexity to the underwater landscape, benefiting other marine inhabitants. Regular feeding with small, meaty foods will ensure its continued health and vibrant coloration.

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