Watermelon Favia

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Introducing the Watermelon Favia Coral – a stunning aquatic gem that adds a burst of vibrant color and unique charm to your reef aquarium. Favites pentagona, aptly named for its resemblance to a watermelon, showcases captivating hues of green, red, and occasional pink or orange pigments. Each individual coral polyp contributes to the collective beauty, forming a visually striking colony.

This hardy and visually appealing coral thrives in well-lit aquariums with stable water conditions. The Watermelon Favia is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced reef enthusiasts, providing a touch of tropical elegance to your underwater landscape. Carefully cultivated to ensure health and vitality, this coral adds a lively and dynamic element to any marine environment.

Create a captivating underwater oasis with the Watermelon Favia Coral – a testament to nature's artistry right in the heart of your aquarium. Elevate your reef-keeping experience with this exquisite coral specimen, renowned for its beauty and resilience.

Frag 25-35mm

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