ProRep Tortoise Juvenile Botanical Mix 80g

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ProRep's Tortoise Juvenile Botanical Mix in an 80g package is a specially formulated blend of botanical ingredients tailored to the unique dietary needs of juvenile tortoises. This mix combines a variety of nutritious and flavourful botanicals, providing essential vitamins and minerals crucial for healthy growth and development. Carefully crafted to support the specific nutritional requirements of juvenile tortoises, the ProRep Tortoise Juvenile Botanical Mix is an ideal supplement to their diet. Elevate your tortoise's feeding experience with this thoughtfully curated mix, ensuring they receive the nutrition necessary for a thriving and energetic early life.

A highly nutritious blend of botanical dried leaves and flowers to be used as part of a complimentary diet. Cultivated from high quality sources specifically for herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles to help form part of healthy and balanced diet. Contains plantain leaf, dandelion leaf, red clover flowers and hibiscus petals.

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