TMC Reef-Pump Compact 2500

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TMC Reef-Pump Compact 2500 - High quality, ultra-compact DC pumps suitable for salt and freshwater aquariums


• Unique ultra-compact space-saving design enabling easy installation in small aquariums and sumps where space is a premium
• Incorporates the latest electronic pump technology for high power and flow rates combined with efficient energy consumption
• Base fed water intake ensures small footprint and ability to work in low level water, perfect to help with water changes
• Variable speed control with up to 10 different speed settings, offering precise adjustment of water flow for optimum performance
• Integrated 10 minute feed timer to allow easy feeding
• Soft start feature to increase impeller life
• Incorporates a unique self-cooling system which channels water around the motor to ensure optimum operating temperatures
• Low voltage

Flow rate - 2500l/h
Max. power - 40W
Voltage - 24V
PSU Voltage - 100-240V 50/60Hz
Max. Amp - 1.8A
Max Head 3.5m
Outlet mm - 20/25
Dimensions (mm) - 75x75
Height (mm) - 171



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